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July 10 2015

Norwood's Law Director Named Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge

Norwood Star reports:

In mid-April, Norwood’s Law Director, Josh Berkowitz, was named Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge.  At that time, Berkowitz resigned his position as Law Director and the Assistant Law Director Chris Brown was promoted to Law Director.  We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about Berkowitz and his history with Norwood.

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June 30 2015

Suspicious package closes Hamilton County Courthouse

Cincinnati Business Courier reports:

Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Josh Berkowitz said when he arrived at work this morning around 8 a.m. it appeared that a fire drill was being conducted. As the morning progressed, pedestrians and courthouse employees were asked to move further from the building and it became clear that there was a serious situation. No one was allowed to enter the building or park near it.

Berkowitz estimated the closure could affect about 1,000 cases that were on Tuesday's docket including a jury trial that was in progress.

"It's a pretty significant disruption," he told me. "But obviously we need people to feel safe when they go to court. Safety is the top priority here. We cannot be more grateful for the work of the courthouse security taking this matter seriously and making sure everyone is safe."

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May 18 2015

What happened after testimony proved deadly reports witness, Anthony Nelson's brother was killed the day Nelson took the stand:  

"It was chilling," said Josh Berkowitz, a Municipal Court judge who at the time was the prosecutor handling the McIntosh case. "I think it was a wake-up call to all of us, the immediacy of the violence, the fact that it happened right in the middle of a trial."

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