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October 14 2015

Judge Josh Berkowitz sentences woman to the maximum punishment for driving under the influence

"Everyone on the roadway, including yourself, was at risk,” Judge Berkowitz said. WLWT reports:

In the video, a car can be seen driving into the median, then back out onto the interstate multiple times. The video has gone viral and has been viewed over 1 million times.

Judge Josh Berkowitz told Harris she was lucky that no one died that day. He also said she is lucky that she was not facing more serious charges.

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September 28 2015

'Happy sort of accident' reveals piece of history

The bible Josh was sworn in on has quite the history. reports:

As family, several county judges, as well as Berkowitz’s German teacher from Elder High School looked on, Berkowitz placed one hand on the Bible and took the oath of office. Thinking back on that moment, he said it was an honor.

“As a history major and a Cincinnati native, I felt honored to be a part of the great judicial tradition reflected in that Bible,” he said.

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August 24 2015

Column: Offenders hold keys to release

Check out Judge Berkowitz's recent column in

Concerns about the justice system are heightened as our community confronts an ongoing heroin epidemic, a spike in violence, the murder of a Cincinnati police officer and the indictment of a UC police officer for the murder of an unarmed motorist. As a judge and former assistant prosecutor, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many people affected by a criminal case, including victims, witnesses, jurors, defendants, or concerned citizens. One was a gentleman at a police-community outreach meeting I’ll call Mike. Mike is a recovering addict and alcoholic who works as a counselor at one of the region’s leading inpatient treatment facilities, serving mainly offenders whose sentence includes drug or alcohol rehab.

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