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October 08 2018

Community Members, Students Join Woodward’s Third Annual Million Father March

Judge Berkowitz participated in Woodword High School's annual Million Father March. 


Students and community members could be heard chanting and cheering words of positivity on the corner of Seymour Avenue and Reading Road at Woodward Career Technical High School’s Third Annual Million Father March.

Participation in the Million Father March is offered to all male students at Woodward as an opportunity march in the neighborhood with male community members to reinforce the importance of education and having positive role models.


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February 16 2018

Berkowitz: Jail is critical infrastructure we can't afford to overlook

Judge Berkowitz authored an opinion piece in The Cincinnati Enquirer regarding Hamilton County's jail. 


The county jail is critical infrastructure to the criminal justice system. Insufficient jail space in Hamilton County is harming all aspects of the administration of justice. The threat to public safety is apparent to many, but rarely discussed is the jail’s role in supervising probationers, promoting rehabilitation, and ensuring effective use of the taxpayers’ money. 


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November 09 2017

Hamilton County Municipal Court is a model for equal justice and efficiency: Justice for All

The Hamilton County Municipal Court is praised as a model for equal justice and efficiency. reports:


Hamilton County's municipal court serves a population of just over 800,000 with 14 judges or about 57,000 people per judge. The court handled 177,412 cases in 2016, or 12,672 per judge.

Why are the judges in Hamilton County able to handle 30 percent more cases? Could the structure of its detention and pretrial system provide some answers? Let's take a look.


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